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You’ve agonized over your brand, but do your clients know who you are? Explore and cement your project’s identity, both in aesthetics and in personality. We offer graphic asset creation and organization to give a consistent look and feel from your website to your business card. We also offer copywriting, fit for those who require a compelling call-to-action or for those who rely on quality content to communicate with their audience effectively.

Mobile-first design principles makes sure your website is always fast and easy to use. These qualities are a must for those who want people coming to their site, and staying! The web (and your site) is for everyone: So we follow the most strict and up to date web standards of accessibility. Don’t want to start from scratch? We can help you find a template to get your static site up quickly. Don’t have the budget for a custom design, or do you need something interactive for your guests? Look at how to start a wordpress blog on your Second Seven hosted website.

A basic level of support is available for everything we offer, and you can count on it being prompt and personal. For those with a bare bones budget, check out our blog for comprehensive instructions on the capabilities and requirements of your new website. And we love to cater to the dreamer who wants to see their project come to life without lifting a finger. Put your efforts where they matter, and let us take care of the rest.

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Local partnership gives the Second Seven community access to secure, professional hosting at a competitive rate. Hosting Packages are fully customizable, with free and easy upgrades or downgrades. All hosting services we provide will give you complete access to a cPanel account with the ability to create subdomains, e-mail accounts, upload files, install apps and more. Most importantly, hosting gives you a place to put you webpage. Not sure what this all means? Get started.

Whether its a hobby storefront or a high-traffic blog, there is a reason 27% of the web runs on Wordpress. Our server is ready to run this world-class content management system, with an automated 1-click install. And for those with a deeper understanding of content management systems, try out Drupal, Joomla and more, all available to be installed with Softaculous installation scripts available on your cPanel.

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Your name is the face of your business, make the most of it! We offer domain name registration, for your convenience. Even if you don’t register your domain with us, your hosting package lets you create custom e-mail addresses at your domain name, accessible through webmail or desktop and mobile applications. https:// is the current standard and your users will recognize if you haven’t met it. Join the growing movement of internet security and gain your visitors’ trust with SSL certificates purchased from Second Seven.

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